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Share bookmarks with anyone using Github Gist

Gistmarks lets you share collections of bookmarks with coworkers, friends and strangers on the internet. Whether you're creating a collection of bookmarks for you dev team, sales team, book club or just for yourself, GistMarks lets you quickly create and share collections of bookmarks.

How it works

To create a collection with Gistmarks simply bookmark our bookmarklet and then go around the internet bookmarking your favorite sites. When you are ready to share your collection with the world, connect Gistmarks with your Github account. From there Gistmarks will create a gist of your bookmarks and creates a link that you can share with anyone.

Use Cases

Paleo Recipe Collection

Check out this awesome collection of Paleo recipes

Workout Collection

Ready to hit the gym? Check out this collection for exercise ideas.

Dev Team Collection

Tired of having to email links to your CI/CD pipelines, JIRA board and code repositories? Check out this collection that takes the hassle out of sharing bookmarks with your team


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